City Description

The City.

The First City.

The Last City.

The City of Dreams.

The City without end. The City without beginning.

Known by a thousand million worlds under names whose number is incalculable. Atlantis. Lemuria. Irem. Tuatha De Danaan. El Dorado. Enoch. It is the City. It is the notion of a City. It stretches forever in all directions except the directions it does not. A vast collection of lives and timelines at the beginning and the end and all times in between existing on a point between all universes, all multiverses. A synapse at the heart of the Omniverse.

Different factions, disparate groups, call it various names, but the City is what it knows itself to be. No person or entity has been in direct contact or communication with the forces that run the City; an ephemeral and elusive Godhand maintains the City, expands its borders, establishes its boundaries. It seems to function with the people populating it in mind, while simultaneously disregarding their existence all together.

Surrounding the City on all sides after a certain distance a nightmare land, a place where the coalesced order of the City no longer holds sway. A place of dream and conception crystallized into sporadic and maddening wilds that go on until they touch themselves again. Those who wander out into this land from the City often find themselves delivered back into the City or, more likely, onto the doorstep of a strange and foreign world in an alien time. Inside this chaotic region, there are rumors of itinerants and gypsies who have learned to live among the ebb and flow.

In the City proper, several towers contain gates to points in multiversal time and space where reality allows for passage from the synapse to physical reality, though the use of these gates is extremely controlled and unapproved access is considered one of the highest of crimes by the corporations. Throughout these towers, and around them, the corporations make their homes and consolidate their power.

Around the City, the true law is mob rule though this leads more often than not to vigilante gangs and paid security forces. Anarchy is uncommon, but when the violence for territory grows to great, the City Magistrate Force arrives without warning. Another sign of the City’s efficiency and callousness to the existence of its citizens, the CMF obliterates all parties with a surgical percision and a terrifyingly dispassionate zeal. Almost machines, the CMF are extensions of the City itself, and act only in its benefit.

Of the City’s inhabitants, many are natural born sons and daughters of the Infinite City. Those who immigrate here, almost exclusively against their will and unknowing of their destination, react to the City differently, usually based on their cultural and religious backgrounds. Some believe it a Purgatory, while others believe it a Hell. Some consider it a paradise, and others something bordering on all three. Many visitors see it as just another place in the vast and expanding infinite void, while a few see it as a terrifying realization of something more sinister.

There is homogeneity, but largely it is falsely enforced by the citizens. Like gather to like, and citizens with physical features in common tend to mingle with one another in some districts, while in other districts the common thread is social, or historic, or sometimes even religious or philosophical. Appearance is diverse here, and many people visit “Manipulators” who can influence the effect that the fluid reality of the synapse to alter the guest.

The City population is ever expanding, as there seems to be no border on reproduction here, no genetic or physical barrier that keeps two species who reproduce similarly from bearing viable children. Often, however, children born to parents that are not homogenous are themselves deviated greatly in appearance and ability from both parents, resembling neither.

City Description

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