Lemuria Exigency

Fugue Off and Welcome to the Family
What a week!

I don’t remember much, but I can start trying to keep track of what is going on with this recording device Miss Amelie got for me. What I do remember is that three to five days ago, I found myself on the streets of The City with my only recourse for survival being biting, clawing and fighting for every scrap I could get. In the beginning, I slept where I could find a spot; I stumbled across these street fights and the idea of fighting, well quite simply just felt right. So I started fighting and made a bit of scratch. Not enough to get me off the streets, but enough to get decent meals and clean water. I think I won five matches in those first days I simply can’t seem to pinpoint when or where or whom even. Guess it doesn’t truly matter.

I got a break yesterday.


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