Lemuria Exigency

Fugue Off and Welcome to the Family

What a week!

I don’t remember much, but I can start trying to keep track of what is going on with this recording device Miss Amelie got for me. What I do remember is that three to five days ago, I found myself on the streets of The City with my only recourse for survival being biting, clawing and fighting for every scrap I could get. In the beginning, I slept where I could find a spot; I stumbled across these street fights and the idea of fighting, well quite simply just felt right. So I started fighting and made a bit of scratch. Not enough to get me off the streets, but enough to get decent meals and clean water. I think I won five matches in those first days I simply can’t seem to pinpoint when or where or whom even. Guess it doesn’t truly matter.

I got a break yesterday. My fight with this human went better than I could have hoped. He was smaller than me, but he money was on him to win. I took a really good hit when the fight started, I just wasn’t expecting him to be so fast and damn was he strong. I struck back hard, open palm of course, he tried to block but his arm directly intersected my blow to the head, and I heard it crack moments before I connected with his head. He goes down, I jump on him to choke him out. He wakes while I’m choking him, but he just can’t seem to break it. The fight is over and in less than 15 seconds. Apparently this was fast good. I was approached by Wild Ivy, the external security officer for The Wicked Orchid Lounge. We talked a bit, she ends up offering me a job, and brings a car around to take us to the Lounge. She makes a point of putting her Machine Gun in the trunk of the car; something about not taking me off to shoot me.

Everyone at the Lounge seems fantastic so far. Even the grumpy ones are friendly, guess it has to do with the ‘hospitality industry’. I’m to be housed in the Brothel section with the girls. This doesn’t seem bad, not at all, though maybe a bit distracting. I’m given a meal and I decide to go to bed. I sleep for more than 12 hours. I’ve never done that… I don’t think anyway.

I get up and I start making my way around the facility introducing myself to the staff. Apparently my starting with the ‘non-working women’ is a huge shock. But I’m to be living over there, I’ll get to know the brothel girls pretty well or so I had assumed. Oh and it’s payday. They pay a week in advance, interesting concept, feels foreign though; speaking of foreign, everyone seems a bit put off that I don’t wear clothing, several try to convince me to. The thought just makes my skin crawl and my fur itch all over. I don’t think I can handle clothing, maybe, but I don’t know. No one seems surprised that I don’t know anything; as Cyna describes it, this is normal. she’s apparently really a human man, though she looks a lot more like a female demon. Go figure, not going to hold that against her.

The rest of the staff is all nice, but the ‘working girls’ only seem interested in me when they think they can get me to part with my money. Suppose I will not be getting to know them after all. The idea of paying for it seems incredibly foreign as well. Oh but as an experiment, and a nice welcome to the ‘family’ gift, “{color:blue}Vessy”http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/lemuria-exigency/characters/vessy gets permission for me to pay the house it’s 10% cut of her earnings just so she can experience me. I’m sure this is more for her enjoyment than mine, but since Miss Amelie says this will not reflect poorly on me, I take her up on the offer. It’s good, but not my particular taste.

Time to turn this off and go wander around more, I’m not really working right now but I want to show them I have initiative and an interest to do what I can. I’m interested in proving myself. I need that for some reason.



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